Dharmatala To Witness Scores Of TMC Supporters On ‘Shahid Divas’


Kolkata: 21 July marks Trinamool Congress’s historic Shahid Divas. All roads will lead to Dharmatala on Friday where all the rallies are expected to meet. A huge turnout is expected.

On this day in 1993, 13 valiant workers lost their lives at Mayo Road in Kolkata, after the police opened fire on them. They were marching to Writers’ Building, led by current Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, then a firebrand Opposition leader, demanding that the voters’ identity card be made the only valid document to verify voters in order to stop the rampant ‘scientific rigging’ by the ruling party.

To commemorate the martyrdom of the 13 political activists, along with other martyrs who were killed during the Left Front rule, lakhs of people have converged from all the districts in Kolkata for the public meeting at Dharmatala.

More than 1500 cars have already arrived in the city from the districts. Police officials are mapping out areas to make the rally pass and ensure smooth traffic. However, it has been advised to avoid Strand road and few other main junctions.

Vehicles will be diverted through alternative routes as soon as the rallies commence. 8 mass rallies from different corners of the city are expected to arrive at Dharmatala and police have been deployed to assist.

As part of the preparations for Shahid Dibas rally, National President of Trinamool Youth Congress, Abhishek Banerjee held several public meetings across the State, all of which saw huge turnouts. As in the past, this year too lakhs of party supporters have been put up at various places in Kolkata  and have been accommodated by the party in places like the Geetanjali Stadium, Milan Mela grounds and various places in north Kolkata.

Camps have been set up at various places across the city to provide assistance to people. Commemorative gates have also been put up at important intersections in the city. Proper arrangements have been made for fire-safety, drinking water. Arrangements have also been made for medical emergencies.