‘Dhanbad Blues’ Not About Fight & Action…It’s All About Philosophy: Sourav


Piku Mukherjee Kolkata: After huge Success in Japani Toy, next gen director Sourav Chakraborty now come up with a dark thriller. His next project ‘Dhanbad Blues’ which will be streaming on Hoichoi, based on blood, Mafia world, Political turmoil etc. Sourav Chakraborty is quite enthusiastic about his new projcet. Sourav Chakraboty told about Dhanbad Blues to Kolkata24x7 in an interview. Read on below for my Q and A with the Sourav Chakraborty himself.

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Piku: We are honored that you are taking the time to do this interview.

Mr. Sourav: It is indeed my pleasure.

Piku: Can You Tell us about the story of the Web series?

Mr. Sourav: ‘Dhanbad Blues’ story covers a failed director, Mrinal Sen’s journey. In this Web series, Mrinal Sen is a failed director who lost to his destiny. He was divorced and 35 percent of his film was stuck with the shooting. The movie’s actress escaped from the scene. The crazy madman and also a drunk man lived in his ancestral house. He believes that there is no good movies, the picture has to be made well.

He do not live with his daughter, Producer stopped giving money for his project. He mortgaged his house to complete his next movie but due to many ups and down he did not complete the movie. He started work in his third picture after taking loan from bank.
Co-incidentally Mrinal offered to make a movie in Dhanbad area and for this huge amount of money is given to him. First of all he did not understand the offer. After reaching there, Mrinal realized that his values, policies, and ideals did not match with the film he was called to do. But he could not return to the home. The story starts from there.

When he reached at Jharia, he saw the a different picture where Mafia Raj rules the whole area. Jharia is a Mining area, where gun shots heard every time, Where a local MP wants to make a industry. But mafia of the area runs a porn industry. That’s why a battle started between them. The sociopolitical atmosphere of the area is very much tensed due to this. He is involved co incidentally in this mafia world and makes a another movie instead his project for which he took money.

Piku: Why did you Select Rajatava Dutta?

Mr. Sourav: No doubt that Rajatava Dutta is a genius in acting. No question about his acting. he is absolutely fit for the the main protagonist role. Rajatava Dutta also showed interest in this script. Rajatava Dutta did a great job and hard work to transfer the script into areal world.

Rajatov Dutta is playing Mrinal’s role here. This is his first web series. Rajatava Dutta shared, “Earlier, the web’s offer was coming. But the characters did not like that much. This is the first job with Sourav. I did not know about his work but I get much more than what I expected.

Piku: Can You Tell Us about the Cast Of The Web Series?

Mr Sourav: First of all, all are here did a great job. The most another important character of the Web series is Dibyendu Bhattacharya, who is played mafia in this Web series. Mafia character is most dangerous character and important character of the web series. At first when I saw Dibyendu da in Dev D at my college time, I wanted to do work with him specially when i knew that he is Bengali. He is brilliant actor. He adopts the character and after that he performed.

Rupanjana Maitra played Sakira Bibi’s role, Aparajita Auddy played the role of Sathilekha, Solanki as Ridhima. Every one of the cast are superb. All gave their best effort to make the story successful. Solanki Roy is acting in the role of Rajatava’s assistant. This is his first job on the web.

Piku: Can you share with us which experience and moments treasure the most?

Mr Sourav: Danhbad Blues mixed up with bad and good experiences. when we went to the Jharia for shooting with 120 units but failed to shoot and returned home. That’s my bad experience. Also, at that time rain hampers the shooting. A murder also occurred and the political scenario of the area very much tensed. I am also in a very much tensed position because my father was fallen ill at that time. The good experience is that finally after three attempts we, the entire Trickster team got the success.

Piku: Will You continue making more Web series in future or do you have plans to move to movies?

Sourav: No, I have also interest to make the movies but i enjoyed to tell the story through web series. I feel that i tell the story smoothly through web series because we did not face the Censorship. Apart from this, as a director the big screen attracts me, the magical curtain lured me. So in future i also want to make movies along with web series.

Piku: Any other message you want to share with our readers?

Mr Sourav: Dhanbad Blues its not about fight, blood. Its al about philosophy. We tried to tell the philosophy through the story. Our Trickster production team wants to do different from Japani Toy and that’s why we produce a dark satire for viewers.

Piku: Acting Or directing Which loves you most?

Mr Sourav: I love acting but I faced the problem when the character does not shoot me. As a director, I have much control on my story telling and everything.

Piku : Thank you very much for the interview.