Dhaka on fire, 2 BNP supporters shot dead


Dhaka: Two supporters of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, were shot dead in the midst of clashes with the supporters of ruling Awami league at the national capital, after opposition leader Khaleda Zia called for protests and strikes on the 1st anniversary of Bangladesh elections.

According to police officials, both the deceased were members of BNP, the main opposition party of Bangladesh. Earlier this day, security was beefed up at the headquarters of BNP with trucks laden with sands and bricks were wedged outside the Zia’s upmarket Gulshan office in Dhaka.
Police mounted on armored vehicles, equipped with water cannon are preventing anyone from entering or leaving the BNP office.

Zia had urged party activists to come out on the streets and protest to force Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to hold fresh elections terming January 5 as ‘Democracy Killing Day’.