Dhaka Café Lit Up Post 144 Days Of Terror Attack


Dhaka: The Holy Artisan Café lit up after 144 days of the ill-fated Gulshan attack. Although it has been ornamented with lights, the doors of the café will remain closed for public access.

On July 1 ahead of Eid, terrorists gunned down 20 visitors, which included foreign nationals. The siege continued for 24 hours with Bangladeshi commandoes killing five militants and rescuing several. ISIS also claimed responsibility but Bangladesh government denied those claims. The mastermind of the brutal terror attack Tamim Ahmed Choudhary had been recently gunned down in a raid by the Bangladeshi forces.

The owner of the café Sahat Mehedi said that the café will not be open for commercial use rather it will be converted to their personal residence. Dhaka Police said that the café was sealed owing to investigation and evidence related issues. With the closure of the primary phase, the café has been handed over to its owner.

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