Dhaka Cafe Attack: None To Claim Bodies Of Terrorists


Dhaka: No families of the Gulshan cafe attackers are willing to claim their bodies.

An official of the Bangladesh police, A. K. M. Sahidul Hak has informed that none of the families of the attackers who committed a deadly attack at the Dhaka’s Holey Artisan cafe on July 1 are willing to accept their bodies.

Identities of 5 terrorists and another suspect have been known. Post this IS had claimed responsibility for this attack and had posted pictures of the terrorists. Taking this as the cue, the police revealed names of the terrorists. The bodies of the terrorists are presently in the morgues but none of their families are willing to claim their bodies for performing the last rites.

Sahidul Hak said, “The families of the terrorists do not consider them as their own. No families have claimed the terrorists killed in Kishorganj. A person was forcibly brought for conducting the cremation procedure. The bodies would be termed as heirless and buried if they are not claimed by anyone.”