Dev’s Snap Makes His ‘Girlfriend Secret’, Public


Kolkata: A new gossip emerges after Tollywood superstar Dev posted a picture in his twitter handle. The picture shows Dev having dinner with his friends from Tollywood.

Can you identify the lady in the picture, who is seen wearing a white shirt and is seen sitting beside Dev? Recently, Dev had dinner with his friends Koyel, Nispal (Koyel’s husband) and Rukmini. The twist in the tale begins from here. Dev always claimed to be best friends with the girl sitting beside him. But there frequent reported outings point the story to some other direction.

Is Dev’s ‘reel-life’ girlfriend Rukmini his ‘real-life girlfriend too? Though Dev has not revealed his relation with Rukmini in public, but Rukmini’s continuous visits to the sets of ‘Dhumketu’ says something else. Gossip spread during the shooting of movie ‘Dhumketu’, when Rukmini was not only present at the shooting spots but also accompanied Dev for the film’s outdoor shooting at Nainital.

Subhashree is also seen in the picture. Dev and Subhasree dated each other before they broke up recently. They have now turned professionals and have shot for ‘Dhumketu’ which is scheduled to release during the upcoming Durga Puja.

Dev even posted a video from their dinner moment; where Rukmini called Dev ‘Mahadev’.