Devout Muslims Of Parbatipur Prepare Hair Of Maa Durga


Kolkata: The residents of a Muslim-dominated village in Howrah district are working round-the-clock to make hair for Goddess Durga. Like every year, approaching festival accelerates their activity. Nearly 50-60 Muslim families of Parbatipur, small village 40 km off Howrah city under Domjur police station, are engaged in the business for a long time. The village came under the spotlight recently after three persons made a documentary ‘Hairloom’ on the families and posted it on YouTube.

The residents prepare hair of the mother Goddess from jute fibre and paint the strands in black to look like human hair. The hair is supplied to the artisans of Kolkata-Howrah and also in different parts of the state. Anisur Rahman, one of the village elders, said to PTI.

A conservative estimate stated that in this year the hair from Parbatipur will be decorated almost 30,000 idols. The people involved in the manufacturing thought so.

Shakil, a young man engaged in the profession said, “We are devout Muslims. We observe fasting during the month of Ramzan regularly. But our faith cannot hinder the way for preparing the hair of Maa Durga.”