Development plans for Mumbaikars


Mumbai: Development Plan 2034 has come up with maximum permissible FSI for each plot in Mumbai. Prima facie, the DP eliminates various premiums such as fungible FSI, staircase and open space deficiency and will creates further level playing field by eliminating many of the discretionary DP exemption powers of Municipal Commissioner  and Urban Development department.

The development plan encourages office space development by providing FSI of 5, 6.5 and 8 near railway and metro stations and by compulsorily creating new zones including commercial such as RC, CR 5. Freehold plots in South Mumbai will benefit with substantially higher FSI of 3.5, 5, 6.5 and 8. Earlier, the FSI was capped at 1.33 and higher FSI only came through parking infrastructure and in the case of cessed 33(7), cluster 33(9) and SRA 33(10) schemes. The general requirement of 15% for rural godowns appears to have reduced to 10% 7.

In DCR 1991, only parking was permitted under open spaces. GDCR 2034, however, adds electric substations, storage of harvested rain water, grey water harvesting plants, sewerage treatment plants etc. to area permitted under open spaces