Despite Water-Logging, Students Go To School In Mahishadal


Mahishadal: Several parts under the Mahishadal block are water-logged due to heavy
rains over the past few days. This has led to the locals facing a lot of
difficulty. Despite of obstacles, the students are moving through water-logged
roads and going to their schools.

Several schools are there whose building parts are already submerged under water.
Hence, despite students reaching schools, classes cannot be held. The schools are
compelled to declare holiday due to water-logging. Such is also the situation at
Mahishadal block’s Garkamalpur Khudiram Sisshu Sikshyakendra.

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Outgoing vice-head of Mahishadal Tilak Chakraborty said that he received news that
several parts of the area are under water due to continuous rain. He informed that
steps are being adopted to throw out the water from the area.

The state transport minister and Haldia Parshad’s chairman Subhendu Adhikari said
that steps are being taken to reform the important Hijli Tidal Canal. He assured
that the problem will soon be solved.