Despite Mamata’s Fury, Governor Sticks To His Stand


Kolkata: WB Governor said on Saturday on TMC criticism that I stick to whatever I have said. Let them say whatever they feel. It doesn’t affect me.

Earlier, West Bengal Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi virtually disapproved of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s remarks on the deployment of army at toll plazas, saying one should be careful while making allegations against a responsible organisation like the army.

“Every person should be careful while making allegations against a responsible organisation like army,” Mr Tripathi told reporters. However, Ms Banerjee accused the Governor of speaking in the voice of the central government.

“Governor is speaking in the voice of Central Government! He was not in the city for about eight days. Before making statements, all details should have been checked. It is very unfortunate,” she tweeted.

Trinamool Congress legislators and ministers had yesterday staged a protest outside the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata, demanding immediate withdrawal of army from toll plazas but could not meet the Governor as he was away. Trinamool leaders are scheduled to meet Mr Tripathi today.

The presence of army personnel at toll plazas had triggered a row with Ms Banerjee questioning if it was an “army coup”, drawing a stinging condemnation from the centre which said the remark showed her “political frustration”.

Ms Banerjee had claimed that the army personnel were taking money from the vehicles which they are not supposed to do.

The army had rebutted her allegations that its personnel were deployed at toll plazas without informing the state government and were collecting money, saying the exercise was being carried out in coordination with Kolkata Police.