Designer Diyas: New fascination of Bengalis


Kolkata: After Durgapuja and Laxmipuja, Kalipuja emanates this year with full of fragrance. Every year this time the house holds of Bengalis decorated their domiciles with LED lights. To resolve it many venders of LED lights preserved their pockets with full of pennies. This year is not an exception. Like previous years, this year the venders are also vended disk light, UFO, Lotus light, Tuni bulb, 5-25 miter LED lights with LED candles, DJ lights, Leaser. Taking the aspects of China Wind chime, this year there are new bomb has risen with new light and sounds.

But vendors are not happy. According to them, relative high cost of modern lights is the purpose for not hawked this lights too much. But like previous years, this year also Tuni Bulb and the LED lights have been sold frequently. For better price, the venders are selling these lights even Rs 50- 80.

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Excluding LED lights, this Diwali has prosperous for candles and Diwas. But there has been some different test while buying Diwas and candles. A vender from Ultadanga said that candles are not sold frequently this year while people want designer lights which are Rs 50. According to him customers want designer Diwas which is Rs 30. He also said that for the purpose of Rangolies, non-Bengalis are more interested about designer candles and Diwas than Bengalis.