‘Desi Misti’ Will Fill Your Tooth In Durga Puja

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Kolkata: West Bengal is known for its rich culture. Bengali ‘ bhadralok ‘ are a sophisticated lot who have always romanced the finer things in life, be it literature or films, music or cuisine. A can of Rosogulla might be the most popular souvenir from West Bengal, but this iconic sweet is facing a taxing time after GST. In a word, after GST, sweets in Bengal are much costlier. But can you imagine, Bengalis without Sweets. No, it’s not possible for Bengalis to celebrate Durga Puja without Sweets and a Kolkata restaurant brings a good news for sweet lovers.

জিএসটি ধাক্কা উড়িয়ে পুজোয় বাংলার মিষ্টি জৌলুস

In this Durgotsab, the village sweet makers will come to Kolkata restaurant to make delicious sweets for Calcuttans and Its first time in the Kolkata. A south Kolkata restaurant will apply this unique thought in this year.

Sweets in the land of Bengal occupy a prominent place. The sweets from this eastern part of the country are known for its rich taste and texture. Most of the sweets in Bengal are made from Chana or cottage cheese. In fact it can be said that Bengal’s chhana-based concoctions have long been famed outside the region. Some of the well known sweets in Bengal are Sandesh, Rosogolla, Kanchagolla, Chamcham, Kalojam and a lot more.

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Chef Goutam Kumar from K19 of Ballygunje wants to bring sweet makers from the villages and to give Desi Misti in the plate. He also said Durga Puja is the greatest festival of Bengalis and we tried our very best to produce Desi Misti.

Goutam also said to Kolkata24x7 that they will bring three sweet makers from Saktigarh and Krishnanagar. They will produce delicious Sitabhog, lancha, Sarpuria and Mihidana and many more.

In this pujo, they will also introduce Mahabhoj at just Rs 500 to 1200 and the item will change every day for food lovers. So this Pujo may bring you Desi sweet with unique food for food lovers in Kolkata.

Reported By- Souptik Banerjee

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee