Deshapriya Park Puja Pandal Work Suspended


Kolkata: The city has witnessed World’s tallest 88.5 feet Durga idol and the ordeal faced by it’s organizers of Deshapriya Park Durgapuja committee on 2015. This year the puja committee of Deshapriya Park is again in trouble before the beginning of the puja pandal . For the time being, artist Deepak Ghosh has been instructed to stop the work of making the pandal by Kolkata Police. However, the Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police, Supratim Sarkar, said there was no directive to suspend the work.

বোধনের আগেই কি বিসর্জন দেশপ্রিয় পার্কের দূর্গাপুজো?

Earlier in 2015 Deshapriya Park was overcrowded when a huge number of worshippers came to witness World’s tallest 88.5 feet Durga idol. Organizers and police failed to control the crowd . A near stampede-like-situation was also created there. No casualty was reported in the incident. Traffic in south Kolkata was completely disrupted. Police closed worshippers access into Deshapriya Park puja pandal indefinitely and took the legal action.

The Deshapriya Park puja committee has informed about that, they were not even allowed to publish any Durgapuja teaser. They also said that they were allegedly not allowed to put any posters, banners or hoarding which publicise Deshapriya Park puja, by the Kolkata Police.

The Kolkata Police has given clear instructions, that Deshapriya Park organizers cannot publicise about their puja pandal this year. This year, Deshapriya Park theme is a beautiful temple of Thailand. According to the artist, 65 percent of the work has already finished. The Kolkata Police allegedly demanded more conditions, due to which the artists cannot continue the work anymore. A clear instruction has been given by the Kolkata police that the work of the pandal has to be reduced therefore, due to the present situation the work has been stopped.

In case of any mishap the whole responsibility will go to the Durgapuja organizers. Deshapriya Park puja organizers are more concerned with the new order allegedly given by the Kolkata police. The police have imposed a number of conditions including reducing the size of the pandal, making ramp, and etc, said the organizers. Initially the organizers of Deshapriya Park have accepted all the demands of the Kolkata police but now due to this daily changes in rules of police the artist cannot complete the work . Almost 65%of the work of the pandal has been over but due to the new formulation by the police the construction of the pandal has been stopped .

However, all these allegations have been denied by the Kolkata Police Joint Commissioner Supratim Sarkar. He said there is no such directive ordered to suspend the work of the pandal , there was no directive for not putting the poster, hoarding and banners.

Deshapriya Park puja is one of the famous Durgapuja of the city of joy , absence of head turning hoardings, banners , and lack of publicity have created a buzz in the city among the city dwellers.

Reported By: Manab Guha

Edited By: Mousumi Dash