Derogatory Act Of BJP On National Anthem In Karnataka Assembly


New Delhi: Following the resignation of BJP leader Yeddyurappa’s as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, a lot of heckling followed in the Assembly. Yeddyurappa resigned before the floor test to prove BJP’s majority. The BJP leader KG Bopaiah, who was announced as the pro-tem speaker of the Assembly was reportedly seen leaving the Assembly during the National Anthem.

Rahul Gandhi on Saturday questioning their patriotism, attacked BJP’s Karnataka MLAs and Protem Speaker KG Bopaiah for walking out without waiting for the national anthem to be played inside Karnataka Assembly.

The political drama inside Karnataka’s Vidhan Sabha culminated in the evening with BS Yeddyurappa announcing his resignation from the post of CM. While Congress legislators began celebrating immediately after, several BJP MLAs and Protem Speaker KG Bopaiah were seen walking out even as the national anthem began playing.

The Congress President took the opportunity to highlight what he claimed was BJP’s hollow respect for the nation. “Did you notice that after the entire exercise in Karnataka Vidhan Sabha, the BJP legislators and speaker chose to leave the house before the national anthem? It shows they can disrespect any institution if in power,” he said in a press conference here. “Both BJP and RSS have disrespected institutions repeatedly.”