Depression In Bay Of Bengal, Fishermen Banned From Going To Sea


Kolkata: A line of depression has formed over the south-east Bay of Bengal. This can turn into serious depression and cause storm in Tamil Nadu, coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh as predicted by Alipur Met office.

The line of depression is presently 20 km away from Port Blair, 1380 km away from north-west and Chennai and lying at south east. According to the Met department, in the next 24 hours, it will convert into depression and in the next 48 hours it will become more powerful and will hit the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. It will have an effect on Andhra Pradesh coastal areas. But it is presumed no not have any serious effect in our state too.

Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal could become fierce, The fishermen has been asked from not going into the sea in the next 3 days.