Depressed with wife, man rapes dog


London: Heard of morbid psychologies? Well, here is one. A man was so disappointed on his wife giving attention to their dog, that he ultimately went and raped the dog in order to take revenge on his wife. Jonathan Medley, 39 was allegedly caught on camera attacking his wife’s two-year-old shih tzu, identified as Buster, who was later taken to a vet where its injuries were confirmed, reported the Daily Express.

According to police captain Ricky Morgan, the dog may have to be put down because of the wounds that it has suffered.He added that the wife had hid a recording device because she thought he was having an affair, but found out that it was the dog he was molesting. Medley was charged with animal cruelty because bestiality is not illegal in Alabama, and his bail was set at 343 pounds.

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