Depressed WB Teen Plays Blue Whale Challenge


Midnapore: Raunak Singha, a student of Class 11 at the Garbeta High School, had told his friend, Kashmira Nasim, that he had completed three stages of the 50-day self-harm game where players complete tasks of increasing difficulty, culminating in a suicide bid. Kashmira immediately informed Raunak’s parents, who took the boy to a psychiatrist and uninstalled the game. Police say Raunak was suffering from depression.

Raunak started to play the game on Sunday. He said he followed the instructions and the wrote “F57” on his hand using a knife. The next day, he said he was sent a picture of a ghost. On Tuesday, he was told not to speak to anyone.

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“My brother is very depressed. We have seen the photos my brother received. They wanted to kill him. We are scared”, said Shreya Singha, Raunak’s elder sister.

“We have come to know that many young boys are playing this dangerous game. We have decided to visit schools and start an awareness campaign,” said Bharati Ghosh, superintendent of police, West Midnapore.