Depressed, Salt Lake Mom Smothered Her Child: Cops


Kolkata: Poulomi Rauth, the 35-year-old Salt Lake resident who killed her nine-month-old son Prince and committed suicide on Wednesday, possibly smothered the child, believe police.

During interrogation, husband Anoop told cops their son was suffering from incomplete colon and imperforate anus. Anorectal Malformations (ARM) are defects that a child is born with. It can be a minor lesion or even be a complex anomaly. In some cases, colon is very close to the skin and anus becomes too narrow. Anus could even be missing in some cases.

The Routh family took help of surgeons to correct this and the nine-month-old boy had to be operated upon thrice. While there was marginal improvement in his condition, Poulomi feared the boy could not be brought back to normalcy. According to G K Dhali, head of the School of Digestive and Liver Diseases at SSKM Hospital, surgery is a way out to treat such patients.

In case of babies, surgery could be very complex, he said. “It has to be done layer-by-layer in a minute way. If not cured, this could even be life-threatening. But I have not inspected the baby in question. So I cannot comment on it specifically,” added the specialist.

The future of the toddler started worrying Poulomi and Anoop could not counsel her. There was already tension between the couple regarding Poulomi’s parents. Anoop told cops her father Saptasindhu Saha used to give her expensive gifts and he did not like it. The couple took the EE block flat at Sourav Abasan on rent two years ago and Poulomi’s parents visited them often. The rift between them over the issue started widening after Prince’s anomaly was found to be critical.

“On Wednesday morning, the couple had a heated exchange of words,” said a neighbour who did not want to be named. Psychiatrists feel such a situation might arise if she was already having a pre-existing depression.

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