Depressed Mother Leads To A Disturbed Child


Washington: Children are more likely to develop behavioral or emotional problems if their mothers are chronically depressed, even if symptoms aren’t severe, a study finds. As per Indian epic Mahabharata, Abhimanyu learnt the technique of penetrating ‘Chakrabuhya`, a special formation of warriors when he was still in his mother Subhadra’s womb. He had actually overheard his father Arjuna discussing the formation and its conquest with Subhadra. Actually, modern parenting research shows that babies are really influenced by the mood and voice of their mothers while they are in the womb.

Moving a step ahead recently an Indian medic Shasanka Kraleti has claimed not only words even the mood decides how healthy the new borne will be. Depending on the mood and discussion the impact is positive or negative. He has done pioneering research on this subject in USA and the findings are already making waves in the primary healthcare circuit.

Kraleti is a presently Program Director  of Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He champions prevention of disease like diabetes, hypertension, and maternal depression from the onset. Thus, making it possible to prevent further escalation of the healthcare problem in society and preventing costs.

In a long drawn research Shasanka Kraleti and his team has shown that during pregnancy mothers’ who have low levels of depression actually impact on child’s cognitive development. So, it is important to detect and treat this depression for ensuring future positive cognitive growth of the new-born.

Shasanka and his research team had followed 1844 families for 11 years. Pregnant mothers from varied background were listed and examined. Of those families 1172 had children till age of 11 years. The results on examination revealed that mothers with even low level depression had twice likely chance of children having behavioural challenges. At the end of research paper the team suggested early screening of pregnant mother for detection of low level depression can ensure children’s health growth.

The top it up, a poster presentation by the same team had been accepted in 15th World Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health held in Prague Czech Republic. The topic of presentation was – “Adverse experiences and Health outcome for children from childbirth to five.”

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