IS Deploy ‘Flying Bombs’ As They Lose Ground In Mosul


Mosul: Islamic State fighters have used “flying bombs” as they fight to keep control of Mosul, Iraqi Special Forces have said.

Brigadier General Haider Fadhil said militants deployed two explosives-laden drone aircraft as the battle raged on this week.

Both were destroyed, he said, but gave no further details about the attacks. It is not the first time IS have used drones in their fight for control in Iraq.

Two suicide car bombers reportedly made attempts to blow themselves up among troops on Thursday.

In one incident, Iraqi troops fired a rocket to destroy an explosives-laden vehicle after an attempt to detonate it among soldiers positioned in the Gogjali neighbourhood was made.

A second presumed car bomber managed to get away. The offensive, now in its third week, has seen troops gaining ground against IS.

On Wednesday, coalition planes destroyed a headquarters building, five storage containers, two mortar systems, two fighting positions, a bomb-making factory, a supply cache, a sniper position, an observation post and a culvert.

The strikes also reportedly damaged two tunnels, a bridge and a supply route.