Dengue Woman Delivers Stillborn Baby


Kolkata: A young mother, suffering from dengue, has delivered a stillborn baby in a city hospital following complications, which, doctors suspect were triggered by the virus.

The woman hails from Dhakuria in south Kolkata. According to doctors at the hospital, she had conceived through the IVF procedure and this was her third attempt after the previous ones failed. The 31-year-old woman, delivered the baby on Thursday. She had been rushed to the hospital with high fever on October 5 and later tested positive for dengue in an NS1 test.

She was admitted to Fortis Hospital, off E M Bypass, when she was already down with dengue and the foetus was 36 weeks old. Doctors also found that the woman had mild hypertension and hypothyroidism induced by the pregnancy.

Even though doctors knew that the foetus had the risk of getting infected by the dengue virus passed on by the mother, they could not carry out a Caesarean section to deliver the baby immediately as the mother’s platelet count was dangerously low.

According to a hospital source, “Early surgical intervention, in the backdrop of decreased platelet count and existing medical condition, enhanced risk of multi-organ involvement, bleeding, shock and increased risk of caesarean section. This would have proved fatal for the mother.”

The hospital therefore took a conscious decision to delay the delivery to save the mother. For the next few days, the doctors kept managing the patient with conservative treatment that included platelet transfusion. Meanwhile, they also kept monitoring the foetus everyday.

On Wednesday, doctors found that the foetus was not moving any more. A Caesarean section could not be done on Wednesday due to her low platelet count. Doctors waited for the patient’s condition to improve.

On Thursday, she was wheeled into the operation theatre and the foetus was extracted. After the successful surgery, the patient has been shifted to the critical care unit where she is recovering well.