Demonetization Is Surgical Strike On Common Man: Mamata


Kolkata: Renewing her attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization of high value currency notes, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday termed it as “undeclared emergency” imposed by the Centre.

The CM addressing media here said that the Centre should immediately roll back the “draconian” act. Accusing the PM and his party of gagging the voice of opposition, Mamata said, “order the army to kill us or order the law-enforcement agencies to gag our voice.”

“The petty businessmen and commoners are facing the brunt of PM Modi’s ill thought-out and poor handling of the economic affairs. He is busy visiting foreign country while the common people are struggling to meet ends with no cash.”

Mamata has earlier visited banks in the city and talked to people about the confusion and chaos prevailing due to non-functioning ATMs and a shattered banking service. Attacking PM Modi, Mamata said that, demonetization is not a ‘surgical strike’ on black money, instead it is a surgical strike on common people. She also blamed the banks for not stocking enough Rs 100 notes.

 “Demonetization is nothing but cheating with the people.”, said Mamata.

The city is witnessing severe chaos and confusion over cash as ATM’s are not working properly. A SBI branch in Chowringhee area was vandalized earlier the day by angry people.