Demonetisation Proved Disastrous for Agroforestry, Wood Industry


New Delhi: Demonetisation has proved disastrous for agroforestry and wood industry in Haryana resulting in losses to the farmers and unemployment among migrant labour, a farmers’ association said on Thursday.

The agro-forestry practitioners and wood industry concentrated in Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar and Jagadhari as well as in western districts of Uttar Pradesh has been “crippled” due to lack of cash caused by demonetisation, said Ranjit Raina, president of Haryana AgroForestry Farmers Association.

“Timber markets have been shut since November. Farmers who expected good income from Eucalyptus and Poplar wood are forced to sell their produce at one-third of the usual market rates and lakhs of labourers from UP and Bihar have been forced to return to their homes, all due to demonetisation,” he claimed in a press conference on Thursday.

Raina, who claimed to be associated with BJP and RSS’s Rashtriya Muslim Manch, demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resignation over the “ill effects” of demonetisation on economy and people.