‘All Cash Is Not Black Money & All Black Money Is Not In Cash’


Lucknow:  We have a political fight with narendramodi and we will defeat him, but we will not demean him: Rahul Gandhi in Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh. All cash is not black money and all black money is not in cash.

Congress wants to uproot corruption from India. For this, we are ready to lend our support to the BJP.

But, demonetisation was not against corruption, it was against poor people of India. RSS uses the word ‘Murdabad,’ not Congress.

Honest taxpayers are suffering. The decision made on November 8 was not against black money or corruption, but against farmers, the poor.

Farmers are committing suicide every day. PM Modi snatched land from tribals. All the cash is not black money in India.

You need to understand black money to fight against it. PM gifted 60 per cent of country’s wealth to 1 per cent of people. Most of the black money is deposited in foreign accounts.

Did anybody get Rs 15 lakh in their bank accounts? After November 8, PM Modi has handed over a toffee worth Rs 1,200 crore to Vijay Mallya: Rahul Gandhi People working in the informal sector survive on daily wages, the government has snatched their livelihood, Rahul said.

Modi Murdabad slogans should not be used in Congress meetings, as Modi is the PM.We will defeat him politically.