Demonetisation: CU Students Welcome, Discourage Public’s Plight


Kolkata: Its been a week since PM Modi’s demonetization decision. The scrapping of Rs. 500,1000 has created hassles for citizens across the nation. People are thronging in banks to exchange the notes while serpentine queues are a common sight outside ATMs. In most places, the banks and ATMs are running out of money within minutes of refuelling.

When our correspondent Bijoy Roy spoke to some students in Calcutta University, optimism was in consensus. They say that initial inconvenience is occurring but it will be resolved in the coming days. Although some allege that this overnight move was not to curb black money or secure the country, but has a political connotation.

A first year student of Journalism Anmol said, “ Inconvenience is bound to happen. This a is massive alteration. If someone doesn’t have an account in the bank, it is his fault. Government has launched a number of schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana for the same.”

Anmol’s classmate Arnab has a different take on the demonetization fiasco. He said that this decision of the Modi government was to make optimum utilization of the upcoming Assembly Polls in five states. He also pointed out that it is much similar to being offered a parachute after jumping off the plane. He welcomed the decision but also condemned the lack of proper measures which heightened the struggles of the common man.

Pariplab, another student said that Indian economy is predominantly agrarian. Most people from the rural areas don’t have access to banks. Referring to economist Prabhat Pattanaik, he said that this decision was expected to pose as a major setback for common public. However, this was essential in the wake of the rising corruption and money laundering. He also mentioned that he did not face any such issues till date.

Reported By: Bijoy Roy

Edited By: Ahana Sen Gupta

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