Democracy Mocked, Its Ballot Versus Bullet In Bengal

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Kolkata: The democratic process of electing representatives through free and fair polls has been reduced to a mere show-off projecting the dictatorial power of the ruling Trinamul government in the State of West Bengal.

Phase III Assembly elections are presently going on in 62 constituencies of 4 districts. Voting process has stated at 7 am. 200 complaints have been lodged with the Election Commission in the first 2 hours. Violence continues in the Phase III elections. A CPM worker was shot dead in front of polling booth no. 178 at Domkol, in Murshidabad. In Burdwan’s Khandaghosh area, a CPM agent has allegedly been attacked by TMC goons. In Ketugram, bombing is being done by the TMC goons. In Booth 12 of Entally constituency, TMC goon is seen threatening a CPM agent inside the booth.

Scientific rigging has been reported from many constituencies. One such incident occurred at the Beleghata constituency. 2 voters have been arrested so far. Questions arise as how such an event can take place in the presence of the central forces and the state police. The police have been reduced to a mere puppet it seems.

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Earlier CM Mamata Banerjee had openly vented her anger on EC saying that she won’t be abiding the constitutional body’s dictat. Similar incident followed, by her own party member, TMC leader Anwar Khan. He is seen threatening and influencing voters. He is seen making frequent phone calls and mentioning over the phone that he is completely defying the EC. The EC can do whatever it wants. It does not worry him. Neither the CM, not its party leaders, are obeying the constitutional body, the Election Commission.

Its now ballot versus bullet in Bengal and initially bullet seemed to be overpowering the former.

Saheli Dey