Delhi Turns Into Fortress Today At Republic Day


New Delhi: The capital will be under heavy security until Tuesday evening when French president Francois Hollande will leave the country. In fact, the cover will be so dense that every 20 metres will have a policeman. And these policemen will have orders to shoot if they spot suspicious activity around Rajpath, said sources.

The hotel, where the French president is staying and areas around the airport from where he will leave on Tuesday evening have been sanitised by central forces.

The entire route from central Delhi to Palam technical area would be under surveillance of UAVs and air-defence radars of the Air Force.

Special arrangements have also been made for the security of the 136 French military personnel- a Delhi Police unit has been tasked with escorting them to and from Rajpath.

Senior Delhi Police officers will keep monitor the situation at Rajpath in a C4I command and control room. Sources say 300 additional cameras installed at 120 strategic locations will secure central Delhi during the parade.