Delhi Sky Clears, Mumbaikars’ Sunday Turns Hazy


Mumbai: Mumbai does not see too much of fog on a daily basis but since Saturday, a pall of fog has been hanging over the city. The kind of pollution that Mumbai sees around Diwali with exaggerated pollutants hanging in the air, that has not really been witnessed this time around.

Although the Air Quality index does put the figure to be around 234 which means it’s in the “poor” quality index. This also means that people with health issues could find it difficult to breathe.

However, the India Meteorological Department (MET) is hopeful that this fog will vanish once the wind picks up. According to MET officials the North Easterly wind has been blowing this side which is cold and dry.

North Easterly wind mixed with Mumbai’s humid moisture laden warm wind that’s blowing from the Arabian sea, lead to inversion in the air. The colder wind descends and the warmer wind goes up. This is what has led to the fogging that has been witnessed by Mumbaikars in the past two days.

Good wind speed added to the fog hanging over the city. On Sunny Saturday, as the day progressed, Mumbai did witness a downfall in the fog ratio as the sky cleared up a bit. However, it was back to a foggy morning on Sunday.

MET officials say that this does happen “occasionally” even though it might not be a regular winter feature in Mumbai. The change in wind pattern is likely to bring in some relief from the North Easterly wind which would lead to the fog disappearing in due course of time.