Delhi police recovers huge contingent of illegal arms


New Delhi: A special team of Delhi Police recovered 7508 rounds of bullets and 37 rifles after raiding a hideout of two rifle businessmen. The police acted on a tip off and raided the area. According to the officials, this is the first time that such a huge contingent of arms have been recovered. A case has been registered against a rifle businessman named Ashok. Apart from that, police have also kept a strict watch on some other businessmen in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and surrounding areas of Delhi.

According to Police officials, the raid was conducted in Delhi and adjacent areas under the leadership of Inspector Govind Sharma and Pralhad Yadav. The illegal arms racket was unearthed in the process. The accused brought them for sale to anti socials and criminals of the area.

The accused Ashok owns a gun shop. Police took him to the shop to verify the amount of bullets stored by him. 1533 bullets were recovered which had no document along with 12 double barreled gun. According to Police Ashok had brought the ammunitions and the guns from a local businessman. Police have started a search operation to get hold of the businessman.