Delhi HC Orders Private Schools To Refund 75% Of Pending Refund

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New Delhi: As costs of education go up faster than how much an average citizen is earning these days. In a relief to thousands of parents’ vows regarding the high fees charged by private and unaided schools, the Delhi HC has given a 10 day ultimatum to return 75% of the pending refund. In May of this year, as many as 535 schools were found guilty of arbitrarily increasing the fees. As per the Affidavit issued by the Department of Education with the Delhi HC, 535 schools were named in the list. Out of this, while many schools had started the refund, many schools still held on to the fee.

The order is set to hasten the process. Delhi HC has instructed the 98 named schools to refund 75% of the pending refund within 10 days of today as cash/FDR/ bank guarantee with registrar, reports.

While the rising college costs have become too much of a burden to parents and students, the schools for their part, likewise presented justified reasons for imposing an increase.
The Commission on Higher Education makes sure that higher education institutions comply with the requirements and guidelines set by the government before granting their intent to raise school fees.

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The on-going legal battle between the Delhi Government and the private unaided schools’ fee hikes has turned in favour of the parents. The details of the High Court order are not yet available.