Delhi Govt Offers Job To Rohith Vemula’s Brother

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New Delhi: The favour extended by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to Rohith Vemula’s family has been labelled as ‘humiliating’ by political opponents. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in the state has offered a ‘clerk’ job to deceased scholar Rohith’s younger brother Raja. The latter holds an MSC degree and is far more capable than being used for clerical duties.

The job letter has been offered to Raja. Although, he has appreciated Kejriwal for offering him a governmental job, he is yet to accept it. Members of Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) lashed out at the Delhi government, accusing it of making a joke of someone who is holding an MSc degree from Pondicherry University

“Raja is a highly qualified, hard working and bright Dalit. Offering him a job like this is simply insulting,” ASA member Gummadi Prasad was quoted as saying by DNA. The job is not only low-profile, but also temporary in nature. If Raja accepts the letter, he would be employed on a 11-month contract basis.

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Raja’s teachers at Pondicherry University are reportedly outraged at the kind of job Kejriwal thought as fit for the Rohith’s brother. However, Raja is facing the dilemma of accepting or rejecting the offer. Both Raja and his mother Radhika have planned to leave their ancestral village in Telangana and move to Delhi. As such, the job being offered by Kejriwal-government does not seem to be than bad an offer to be turned away directly.

On its part, the Delhi government has justified that they are bound to offer anyone only Group C or D category jobs on compassionate grounds.