Delhi Govt Hikes Minimum Wages Of Workers


New Delhi:  Delhi government has raised the dearness allowance adjusting it with the increase in prices of goods and services. The minimum wages for unskilled workers such as security guards, peons will rise to Rs. 9,568 from Rs. 9,178 per month, which translates to Rs. 368 per day.

In case of semi-skilled workers like welders, the post-hike wage will be Rs. 10,140 per month, Rs. 407 a day. It was Rs. 10,140 till March. Skilled workers like masons or drivers will be now entitled to Rs. 11,622 per month as opposed to Rs. 11,154 earlier. Rs. 447 will be the per day rate.

“These rates will be applicable in respect of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled categories in all scheduled employments except employment in the establishments where the workers are given facilities of meals or lodging or both by the employees,” the government order said.

Rates were also hiked for clerical and supervisory staffs in all scheduled employments including non-matric, matric and graduates. Non-matric staff will now get Rs. 10,582 amounting to Rs. 407 a day. Matric but non-graduates stand to earn a minimum of Rs. 447 per day or Rs. 11,622 per month while for graduates the rate is Rs. 12,662 per month, or Rs. 487 a day.

“The government after adjustment of the average consumer price index of the period from July 2015 to December 2015 which is 266.83, an increase of 10.83 points, hereby declares the following DA which shall be payable for all categories from April 1,” the order said.

The DA for employments, who are given lodging and meals twice a day or both, would be Rs. 390, Rs. 442 and Rs. 468 respectively. The government had passed the Minimum Wages (Delhi) Amendment Bill, 2015 during the winter session of the Assembly, which stipulates stringent punishment like higher fines and imprisonment for violation of labour norms.

Under the proposed amendments to the Act, companies will have to upload the data of their employees on website or web portal in the manner as may be prescribed by Delhi government.