Delhi Gas Leak: Parents Blame School Functioning In Harmful Premises


New Delhi: The distressed parents of the Tughlaqabad chemical leak victims on Saturday blamed the school authorities for “carelessness” while stating that the school should not have been permitted to function in such “harmful” premises.

“Looks like the container started leaking at around 2 AM and the people nearby put mud and water to stop the leak at that time, but they could not anticipate its impact,” said Narender Singh Rawat, a computer hardware serviceman, whose two daughters suffered from the chemical leakage.

Another parent Satish Kumar, whose daughter studying in 9th standard is admitted in the ICU of Batra Hospital, said there was presence of security guards round-the-clock on the school premises, but they were also caught unaware.

“Had the security guards anticipated or been aware of happenings around them, such unfortunate incidents could have been avoided,” he said. Another parent, who wanted to be anonymous, questioned the failure of the school administration for not anticipating such disasters.

“It is common sense that a container depot would have all kinds of consignments. Permission should not be given to schools to function in such premises,” he said.

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Around 450 girl students were hospitalised after toxic fumes spread due to chemical leakage at a container depot near two schools in southeast Delhi’s Tughlaqabad area.

The students of Rani Jhansi School and Government Girls Senior Secondary School, run by the city administration, were rushed to nearby hospitals as they complained of irritation in eyes and breathlessness this morning.

Meanwhile, the school staff were also affected by the incident. “It was stressful to handle both children as well our staff,” said a Sanskrit teacher from the school.

The school with a strength of 3,500 students had two shifts – one from 6.45 AM to 12.30 PM, and another from 1 PM to 6 PM.

According to the school, the students in the morning shift were affected by the incident, whereas those in the evening shift were informed not to come.

As per the discharge summary provided by Batra Hospital, the cause of illness is alleged poisoning of Chloromethyl Hexapyridine gas. The affected students were given IV fluids and four other injections, it said.