Delhi Demolition: Child Died Due to Head Injury & Heart Failure


New Delhi: The postmortem report of the child who allegedly died during the anti-encroachment demolition drive has revealed that she died due to shock as a result of chest and head injury. The report also states that the injuries were caused due to the impact of a blunt force.

The postmortem report suggests that the death took place during the demolition drive. This revelation comes hours after Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu gave a statement in Parliament claiming that the child died much before the encroachment drive began.

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“The encroachments were a hurdle in the expansion of the Railways. Notices were sent and encroachers were adviced to vacate the land but they did not respond. The operation was peaceful,” he said.

He also invited Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has been blaming the Central government for the drive, for a meeting on Monday. “I would invite the Delhi CM for talks on as to how initiate the development work for the people. Enraged over the demolition drive that has been blamed for the death of the 6-month-old baby, Kejriwal had sought a meeting with the Railway Minister over the issue.

Politics is being played out over the demolition drive in Shakur Basti. While Rahul Gandhi blamed the state government for the drive, Kejriwal hit back at him calling the Congress Vice President a ‘kid’. “Rahul Gandhi is a kid. I think his party has not told him that Railway comes under the Government of India,” Kejriwal tweeted.