Defense Expert To Protect Civilians Due To Pak Ceasefire Violation


Srinagar: Defense expert Major general S. R. Sinho on Saturday emphasized the Indian government’s duty to inform its citizens about the border control measures in Jammu and Kashmir.

“They have fired almost four times within two-three days, by light machine guns, 120mm mortars. Civilians have been vacating houses in our own area. They are worried about their children going to school, families and animals. This kind of thing has happened a number of times,” Sinho told the media.

The defense expert expressed that the government should reveal the extent of the army’s authority so that civilians are aware. He also expressed that in the grave unfolding of Jammu and Kashmir, it is essential for the government to take stringent measure and protect its citizens.

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Sinho also accused the Pakistani troop of creating a façade by the ceasefire violation to enable infiltration by terrorists into the valley.

The Pakistan army has continued to violate ceasefire and has continued its unprovoked firing in the Nowshere district for three consicutive days. Two civillians have been killed while one was injured in the firing.