Deepika Denies Walking Red Carpet At Oscars


Mumbai: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone on Thursday refuted reports that she would be attending this year gala Oscar ceremony.

There were reports that the actress, high on the success of her debut Hollywood venture “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”, will be walking the red carpet of Oscar’s this year. When asked about the same, the actress told reporters, “That’s an interesting question…. But no, no.”

Deepika was speaking at the launch of Gillette Venus Breeze. Even though the actress hinted that this year she will not attend the Academy Awards, she is glad her Hollywood project was well received.

“For me, what was really heartening was the way India embraced the film. I think just the way everyone embraced my performance, even the way I spoke in the film, that makes me really happy.

“To step out of your comfort zone and work in a territory that you’re absolutely unfamiliar with and not knowing what the end result might be, then to see that translate into this kind of love and appreciation, it makes me feel like it’s worth taking all of those risks,” she said.

At the event, Deepika was joined by Soha Ali Khan and Neha Dhupia. When asked if there is a pressure on celebrities to always look good, Deepika said it’s actually about the expectation people have from them.

“I think it depends from individual to individual. A lot of people have a different way of handling it. I wouldn’t say there is pressure, but expectations, yes. There is a lot of expectation from everyone to look a certain way,” Deepika said. “For me it doesn’t really matter. If I’ve had a long flight and I look great, then good, if I don’t that’s also ok.

It’s totally ok to not have great days, to not feel your best or have low days. You’ve to allow yourself that much and not be hard on yourself,” she added. Neha, who was also asked the same, quipped, “Everyday (I feel the pressure). Specially when I scroll my Instagram feed and suddenly Deepika’s picture pops out. It’s the worst feeling in the world. And Soha’s too.