Deceased Arupa Dey’s Family At Medical Council Against Ruby Hospital


Kolkata: Death of North 24 Pargana singer sparked chaos in Ruby hospital following the protest by the family members. The hospital has been accused of threatening a singer’s family taking the CM’s name after the singer passed away. Now the family has filed a written complaint to West Bengal Medical Council.

In the written complaint, there are thirteen names who are involved with the hospital asking reason behind negligence during fever and got affected in Malaria.

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Arupa Dey, a known singer and resident of Bongaon North 24 Parganas was admitted to this hospital for cancer treatment. She underwent a surgery at this hospital only. Later on, she was suffering from malignant malaria. Apart from this, she also suffered from septicaemia. Unfortunately, she died on Friday morning at the hospital.



The family of the singer blamed the Ruby hospital’s negligence for the death of the singer. They alleged that soon after the operation, her condition started worsening. They added that if the hospital authorities would have been more cautious then the death could have been averted.

Deceased Arupa Dey’s sister Mismi Roy Banik said, “We could understand that Arupa’s condition was deteriorating. After her death, when we tried speaking to the hospital authorities, they started threatening us using the chief minister’s name.”

Chaos sparked as a result of this in the hospital. The Anandpur police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. The hospital authority has came out with the medical report stating reasons of death but did not talk about their negligence.