Debt Ridden Farmer Commits Suicide


Tamluk: Another “debt-ridden” young farmer committed suicide in East Midnapore’s Nandakumar area.The deceased farmer has been identified as Porimal Das.

According to family sources, a person named Parimal Babu and Ashish Roy used to run FL shops (liquor shops). He had borrowed many money to run the shop. That’s why he became depressed for a few days. Then he went out of the house on Saturday. He did not return home even after the time had passed.

After that, the family lodged missing diary to Nandkumar police station. The family members started searching for him at night. Then the body recovered from nearest bush. The primary investigation is that he has committed suicide. Even poisonous bottle was found from the side of the body.

Police came to the scene and recovered the body. The body will be sent for autopsy on Sunday.