Debt Ridden Bengal Employs ‘King Khan’ to Promote Tourism


Kolkata: As the state of West Bengal is buckling under the pressure of a huge debt, the ruling Trinamool government in its ambitious move to promote tourism has roped in Bollywood King, Shahrukh Khan by spending crores as the new face of Bengal tourism.

As reports surfaced on Tuesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has favoured Shahrukh to promote the ambitious ‘Experience Bengal’ project to boost tourism in the state. The Mamata government’s earlier project ‘Bengal Leads’ failed miserably to impart a new life to the dying tourism industry in the state.

Reports suggested that Shahrukh had asked for a whooping Seven crore rupees for the job but later retracted his demand to three crore following a request from the state government.

The move of employing Shahrukh has sparked a fresh row as the state is facing a crushing financial crunch and such extravagant adventure of the state government is not the need of the hour.