Debra College Billowy Over Student Protest


West Midnapore: Debra College of West Midnapore turned into a battlefield regarding recruitment of new principal. Six people have been injured in the incident.

The newly elected principal has come on Thursday to join his work but could not enter as agitated students held protest. The students made clear that the agitation was not against the new principal rather against the District Magistrate. The student tried to knock many administrative door protesting the abusive behavior of previous principal with a girl student.

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Though a written complaint has been given to the District Magistrate but administration did not take any action against this. The new principal was accompanied with the DM. So the students staged protest in front of both of them.

Rupa Dasgupta, the new principal ofthe college who could nor enter the college seeing the agitated student. With the growing time teachers got involved with the students in a mandling situation. The new princopal and other trechers also joined the protest.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has criticised such unpleasent situation in the college. Police lathi charged on the students and dismissed the protest. Fourteen people have been detained in connection to such incident. Four among the six injured have been sent to Kolkata for treatment.