Death Toll On Rise In Garulia Due To Dengue Fever

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Barrackpore: The death toll in North 24 Pargana’s Garulia is increasing due to fever. Equally the number of dengue victims are on rise which sparked panic among the local people.

Three people lost their life in dengue in last three weeks. Among them two are from number 2 ward and one from number 3 ward. Shibani Ghatak(46), Gita Roy (72), Krishna Mukherjee(50).

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Significantly, death certificates issued for them where no mention of ‘Dengue’ as the main reason behind their death. Sagar Dutta hospital authority mentioned reason only for Shibani Ghatak. Shockingly heart disease mentioned in death certificate of Gita Roy. Sepsis mentioned for Krishna Mukherjee.

But both Roy and mukherjee family claimed that sole reason behind the death is dengue. The plate late count reduced to 20 thousand for Gita Roy. The family members of Krishna Mukherjee’s family claimed that the blood test report which states that she has a threat of dengue with meningitis.

The chairman of Garulia municipality Sunil Singh has accepted that gradually dengue became an epidemic in the area. But did not convinced with the death of three people instead of that he said that “one person has been died till now. Municipality trying hard to take strong measure to fight dengue.”