Death Penalty an Aberration in Democracy: Shashi Tharoor


New Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday demanded abolition of death penalty, describing it as an “aberration in a healthy democracy”.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, he said hanging people does not deter crime and there is a lot of subjectivity in application of death penalty. “It (death penalty) is an aberration in a healthy democracy,” Mr Tharoor said, adding that instead preventive and reformative measures should be strengthened to prevent crimes.

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মৃত্যুদণ্ড সুস্থ গণতন্ত্রের পরিচয় নয়: থারুর

Contending that death penalty has mostly affected the marginalised people, the Congress leader said the state should not become killer. “We should abolish death penalty to uphold the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi,” he said. According to him, around 70 per cent of the UN member nations have abolished death penalty.