Dealer Offers Free Goat On Every Bike, Cancels Later


Chennai: We know that in festive seasons all market dealers give special discount, free things for selling their products. But this story is different. Can you imagine Bike dealer offers free goat on purchasing? Yes it’s true. In a bid to lure more customers, a motorcycle dealer in Tamil Nadu offered a free goat with every purchase.

In the small town of Ilayangudi, the interest of the residents was piqued and after receiving a huge response number of queries the dealer had to cancel the unique scheme due to the unavailability of goats in ‘such large numbers’, according to a report by Business Standard.

Gayatri Motors, a dealer of Hero Motocorp had made the announcement as a festival offer to be introduced for a period of four days from October 11 to 14. The lucrative offer would have been valid for both purchases of new vehicles and on exchange for old vehicles.

The idea was conceived after brainstorming on how to make its offer different from other retailers in town in order to gain more sales. As other brands offered to gift free sofa sets and other usual things, they wanted to try something hatke!

“We wanted to sell Hero vehicles to the maximum during the festival season and thought about a unique offering. Yesterday (Wednesday), when we announced the booking, on the first day itself, we got more than 100 inquiries and we realised that we might not be able to arrange so many goats in such a short timeframe.

So, we have told the customers that we may not be offering the goat,” said Venkatasamy, owner of Gayatri Motors. The estimated cost per goat would have been around Rs 3,000 but the challenge was to procure the animal in bulk to keep up with the demand.