Deadly British Missile Ready to Spell Havoc on ISIS


London: Britain’s precision missiles could be used to cut off the ‘snake’s head’ of Islamic State and instil fear at the top of the terror group if attacks in Syria are authorized.

The laser-guided Brimstone missile, which can hit a small, fast-moving target, could be used by RAF pilots to assassinate IS leaders one by one.

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Britain and Saudi Arabia are currently the only two countries in the world to have invested in Brimstones. missile

The £100,000 Brimstone – which was used against Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in Libya in 2011 – can be fired from a Tornado GR4 at 20,000ft and is capable of hitting vehicles travelling at up to 70mph.

It can be launched from a plane which is flying up to seven miles away from its target.

Each missile has a small but highly focused explosive warhead – which reduces the chance of shrapnel hitting civilians – as well as an adjustable fuse which allows the pilot to decide exactly when it will explode.

The RAF would use the state-of-the-art weaponry to take out particular targets on a British ‘kill list’ in Syria should MPs vote in favour of extending the mission this week.

It is understood that Tornado planes would concentrate on hitting the ‘upper tier’ of IS leadership structure in their stronghold.

IS command posts and training camps will also be identified as key targets for any British aircraft operating over Syria, according to Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

The missile’s dual-mode guidance system – with a laser designator and a sophisticated radar – makes it the ideal weapon for destroying IS fanatics driving on motorbikes or on gun trucks.

It also makes the RAF a formidable force in the IS stronghold of Raqqa, where other coalition nations have struggled to take out targets for fear of civilian casualties in crowded areas.

Source: Daily Mail