DD National To Air Reruns Of Popular TV Show ‘Circus’


Mumbai: Everybody knows Shah Rukh Khan, the superstar. His movies have successfully been raking in lots of money, he owns an IPL team and is in possibly every advertisement on TV. This is a good time to be a Shah Rukh Khan fan, because he’s everywhere.

But there was also a time when the name Shah Rukh Khan was known only by people who watched TV. In the late 1980s, Shah Rukh Khan was a part of a couple of TV show that aired on Doordarshan, including the very popular Circus. He had not made his Bollywood debut yet.

Deciding to cash into his ever-lasting popularity, DD National will now screen Circus, starting 19 February on their channel, 8 pm onwards.

Shah Rukh has never been against doing television. In this Hindustan Times interview, he says, ““I’d love to act on television again, because some stories can’t be told in two hours. You need 10 hours for them.”

Circus is directed by Aziz Mirza and Kundan Shah, and revolved around a circus troupe. He reveals in a report, “I have worked on all the different platforms, be it theatre, films, TV — but genuinely, TV is my favourite.”

SRK was in another popular Doordarshan show called Fauji.

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