Dawood Ibrahim Hit Hard By Demonetization: Report


New Delhi: The demonetization masterstroke of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a bid to curb black money and terror funding has reportedly landed a severe blow to underworld don and India’s most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahims’ black economy. The don has suffered a loss of around 50 thousand crore rupees, reported intelligence agencies.

The 26/11 Mumbai blast mastermind reportedly living in Karachi has played a crucial role in circulating Pakistan made fake Indian currency. The Modi government’s sudden announcement of banning the 500 and 1000 notes has caught the don unawares and landed huge blow to the black economy.

On the other hand, the demonetization has started showing its effect as stakes of 500 and 1000 rupees notes have reportedly been found dumped in several locations across the country. The move is likely to hit the political parties too who have stashed a lot of cash for the upcoming polls in states like Uttar Pradesh.