Dark Sky Outside, Forecast Of Heavy Rain In Next 2 Hrs


Kolkata: The local Met office of Kolkata has informed that heavy rain will lash in Kolkata and parts of Bengal on Saturday. As dual Monsoon Axis is prevailing over Bay of Bengal so South Bengal had heavy downpour. North Bengal will also have heavy shower.

On last Wednesday overnight heavy downpour has turned Kolkata and West Bengal watery and sloppy. Thursday was also like Wednesday as the non-stop rain has collapsed the city on a week day.

Rain-soaked Kolkata is experiencing traffic like hell all over the city which has almost disrupted transportation to connect different part.

Though it was cloudy since Wednesday morning, but heavy rain started at midnight. The roads are already water-logged.The pedestrians in the morning might have trouble travelling with water-logging at several parts of the city.

Entire West Bengal has also witnessed heavy rainfall in last five days. But the whimsical character is causing humidity though heavy rain lashing out almost everyday.