Dark-Skinned Wife Roasted Alive In Birbhum


Birbhum: In yet another shocking case of cruelty against women, a young mother in Birbhum was burnt alive allegedly because she was dark-skinned and her husband and in-laws wanted a new bride with a fairer complexion.

According to a report in ‘The Telegraph’, the victim, a 22-year-old lady, said in her dying declaration to police that her husband, three brothers-in-law and mother-in-law locked her up in a room on June 3, sprinkled kerosene and set it ablaze, leaving her to die in the inferno.

The poor woman succumbed to her injuries in hospital Thursday morning. Victim’s husband, mason Nasir Sheikh, and in-laws are absconding. Her neighbours in Tarapith fear her two-year-old son was taken away by the family.

After initial investigation into the case, it emerged that the lady had been threatened, tortured and abused besides her family was forced to cough up cash, which she finally protested after years of subjugation.

Nasir married the victim three years ago after her family agreed to give him Rs 1 lakh and 10 cottahs of land. However, several times that the lady was forced to give money to Nasir and his family.

In the police complaint, her family alleged that she was regularly tortured and they were forced to pay hefty sums of money on at least three occasions to keep the marriage intact.

The West Nengal Police has registered a case of murder against Nasir, his mother Majlima Biwi and elder brothers Jamir Sheikh, Samir Sheikh and Akhirul Sheikh.