Dark Secret Of Paoli-Abir Romance


Kolkata: ‘Bedroom’ ignites a sense of intimacy. An ancient and consistent force of world in human life. On this note the chemistry was illustrated in the film. Though its a matter of almost half a decade now. That storming chemistry will come back in Manoj Michigan’s next.

Paoli-Abir will revive their romance in ‘Tritiyo Adhyay’. The director and actors will highlight the unknown layers of a known story.

“It is a thriller film with a mix of love. The film will tell the story of a boy who is looking for something. In his oblivion journey he reaches a hill area and met one of his old friend. Down the memory lane he goes back in his good old days. It is the starting point of the story. The sub plot took a story of a college-gang.”

পাওলি-আবির রোম্যান্সের ডার্ক সিক্রেট

“Abir Chatterjee will play the central character. His girlfriend is Paoli Dam. According to Paoli, name of my character is Shreya. She is Botanist. Her ex-boyfriend Kaushik is a sports trainer. Kaushik was searching for somebody else and reaches at Shreya’s place. Slowly the story peals off each layer of the story.”

Director said on Abir, ” We are working together after ‘Bedroom’. It is a gap of 5 years. And we are enjoying working together.”

“The film ‘Tritiyo Adhyay’ will be a romantic-dark thriller. It is compact with every quotient of a thriller”, said about Abir.

Talking about the plot he said, ” The script has subjected on a potential plot. It is the first film with Manoj. Previously he has assisted in ‘Char Adhyay’ and ‘Kagojer Bou’. i am delighted to work with him as a director.”