Dark Chocolates Can Help Reverse Ageing


Ageing is an inevitable facet of human life, no matter how hard you want you cant hold on to your youthful look forever. However a group of scientists may have discovered a path breaking way which can help humans reverse their ageing cells and help them age without much deterioration in their bodies or appearance .

The researchers from the University of Exeter in England, conducted a study to  determine whether it is possible to reverse ageing by examining a class of genes called splicing factors and a group of dysfunctional cells called senescent, which accumulate as humans get older.

The study published in BMC Cell Biology, says that splicing factors plays a significant role in helping the body’s genes operate smoothly. However as the body ages, the splicing factors naturally switch off- triggering the ageing of the body.

The researchers noted that the application of the compound called reversaterol analogues , a compound found in red wine, dark chocolate, red grapes and blueberries, can reverse the effect, allowing the splicing factors to turn back on.

Most people exhibit severe signs of ageing in their mid- eighties. Risk factors like stroke, heart ailmets and cancer significantly increases in this phase as the splicing factors switches off and the senescent cells become more prevalent

Scientists believe that the discovery could be the first step, to help people age better and ensure good health in their entire lifespan especially the last few years. Scientists also noted that further studies were required in the field to establish the true potential for these sort of approaches to address the degenerative effects of ageing.